We are obsessed with design and packaging, and our goal is to transform happiness into something tangible. This is what we do at Mima, we create unique pieces that convey the value of what they encase. We are passionate and enthusiastic about our work, and we believe packaging is a powerful tool in communicating the brand image and helping differentiate it from the rest.

We combine creativity, design and innovation to provide our customers with personalized and exclusive luxury packaging. We offer to create trend through the use of unique packaging. We are innovative in our designs and in the materials used for them, working with elegance and aesthetic harmony. We view our customers as an indispensable part in the creative process, in order to achieve the desired final product.

We develop the design concept and choose shapes and materials according to the needs and expectations of each client. We plan production with maximum detail in each of its phases, always following high quality standards and technical support, making every project a reality.

We have over 15 years’ experience in the packaging sector of jewellery, spirits and perfumes, and even after all this time we are still learning with each new project.

At Mima Boxes we respect the environment, both in the production processes chosen as well as in the materials used in them.